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Flashing Collar

My flashing collar helps keep me safe in the dark. It's a soft plastic weatherproof reflective strip with tiny red lights that flash when you press the switch. The velcro tab fits easily without adjustment, catches, or buckles.

It comes with two batteries which last for months. As the batteries run down, the lights just get dimmer: they don't just suddenly go off. The batteries are a common size and easy to change.

Apart from helping to keep me safe by being reflective, the flashing lights minimise the risk of accidents involving cyclists, motorbikes, and cars. Also, if I wander off I'm easier to find, especially as the flashing lights can be seen several hundred metres away.

At the moment, I live in Corfe Castle and we often have late-night walks on the common. Sometimes, if there's cloud, it's really dark, but they don't seem to worry.

Once, in Cerne Abbas, I seemed to get on the wrong side of a fence and couldn't find my way back, but they saw the collar flashing. Two men thought they'd seen an alien: but they had been on the keg since teatime.


You can use the flashing collar over any ordinary collar but, as it's secured by a velcro tab, you can't pull on it or attach a lead.

Velcro makes a noise when you pull it apart. If you think that your dog may get nervous, get it used to the noise before you put it on. And maybe leave the flashing collar, on and off, on the floor for them to check out.

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