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Hi. I'm Molly, and I work in Contract Services for Cherry Heaven Internet Shops. I've been asked to tell you about prices, contact, trading intent, internet shopping, security, and legal issues.

If you're reading this because you've linked from a shop other than one at Cherry Heaven, please close this window when you've read enough and return to your original shop.


However, international supply and demand cycles, material costs, the labour market, transport, and exchange rates, affect the cost finished products. Very occasionally, we adjust the shop prices to reflect any changes.


You can write, call, or mail. If you call from outside the UK, remember it's London time here, often called GMT. At mid-day in England, it's later in eastern countries and earlier in western countries. The address is at the bottom of this page.


As an internet business, we don't have any paper information to send you, except an invoice showing that you paid. The system cannot generate brochures, leaflets, quotes, pro formas, copy invoices, statements, consignment notes, advice notes, delivery notes, or packing slips.

Environmental issues are important: for example, although the law does not accept a paper-less system, a less-paper system is our continuing intention.

We make every effort to re-use packing materials, dispose of waste responsibly, and use chemical cleaners as little as possible. We meet the requirements of SITA, our commercial waste collector.

Ethical trading is important: everyone here wants you to enjoy our products and services, and takes care not to hype up your expectations.

We do try to answer calls and mails promptly but, sometimes, we just can't. It doesn't mean that we're at the patisserie with holiday brochures. And it doesn't mean that we're closed.

Although we want this project to continue, we cannot defeat the effects of international economics, weather systems, natural disasters, illness, and other negative factors, so it may be temporarily disrupted, or end.



If you don't want to use your debit or credit card on the internet, you can call or post a cheque. Make sure you write the cheque to Cherry Heaven. The address is:

If you prefer to make a bank transfer, we need to receive the full amount, so please check that there will be no bank charges deducted from the total at either end. Check this very carefully with your bank as, if any charges are deducted, the goods will not be sent out.


Cherry Heaven makes every effort to represent products accurately. If a product is faulty or unsatisfactory, you can ask to return it within seven days, although at your own cost. It must arrive here in its undamaged original packing and in perfect condition, so that it can be resold.

By completing an on-line delivery and payment form, you will have agreed to this consumer protection provision. This returns policy excludes products that have been specially made or ordered for you.

If you return a selection of products that were specially packed for you because you chose the wrong things, there will be a restocking charge: 10% of the retail value plus any recovery costs.


We've done our best to put together something helpful, interesting, and pixel-perfect. If we've made a mistake, don't pop a stitch.


New products are often described in forward-looking language which may imply that they will perform as anticipated. All companies reserve the right to change their products' specifications without telling you.

We can't accept responsibility for omissions, mistakes, damage, or loss. By accepting products and services, you have agreed that any disputes will be resolved under English law, in England.


Unless you order regularly, we don't keep personal data: except your name, address, and telephone number on one paper copy invoice. To minimise the risk of email viruses and prevent card fraud, we don't keep an email address book or your credit or debit card details. We don't do internet promotions, send out brochures, or make unasked-for calls.

How we manage personal data is regulated by the Data Protection Act 1998. The Act became law in 2000, replacing, but building on, the 1984 Act. Briefly:

Personal data must be collected fairly, and lawfully, and only kept for its stated purpose for an appropriate period. It data must be reasonably protected from loss, theft, corruption, and unauthorised or unlawful access. It's your legal right to be able to check that your data is accurate.

We cannot give anything to a courier, taxi, mini-cab, biker, caller, friend, or child, unless we have your permission and they have clear identification.


It's very expensive to create comprehensive internet pages, and design, manufacture, and market products. Collectively, the Cherry Heaven Internet Shops have used up tens of thousands of hours of valuable irreplaceable lifetime.

Everyone expects to be paid for their full-time work. It's wrong to steal our ideas, content, or product designs: and then pretend you are a techno-rebel fighting for information freedom in a liberal anti-capitalist war.

With a product you have used, you cannot return it and get your money back if you change your mind later or damage it. Please think about this before ordering.


It should be perfectly clear that we're not pretending to be any other organisation or company. Cherry Heaven is a protected proprietary name.


Copyright is a simple concept. Your internet activity should reflect your own style and your own business ethics. Not be a copy of ours.

A multi-national company re-used some of our technical support text to supplement their technical bulletins for dealers. The bulletin introduction said it was confidential. I'm sure, if we copied their text, we'd get a line of lawyers from here to Mars, because:

The images are not intended to represent or mis-represent any part of any real person's life. If you feel that we have used a picture in a way that displeases you, please mail or call. However, it's worth saying:

A parody is a new copyrightable work, based on a previous copyrightable work, that uses the minimum likeness necessary to illustrate a social commentary without damaging the original.

The internet page content is Cherry Heaven 2002- copyright. The internet pages are created by . However, if you want to quote anything or re-use anything in any way, please have the courtesy to ask.


All products come with a manufacturer's guarantee. However, we can't accept responsibility for damage, mis-use, or loss, or injury arising from the use of the products. By accepting products or services, you have agreed that any disputes will be resolved under English law, in England.

This is a Cherry Heaven Internet Shop. Cherry Heaven Limited is registered in England, company number 2675608. The Data Protection registration number is Z6018396. The VAT number is 538799574.