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Kavat Shoe White

Kavat Kids' Shoes And Boots.

Kavat Shoe White
Kavat Shoe Red
Kavat Shoe Black
Kavat Shoe Pink
Kavat Boot Black
Kavat Boot Cerise
Kavat Boot Ivory

Kavat Kids' Shoes And Boots are ideal for active toddlers, walkers, runners, skippers, hoppers, and jumpers: indoors and outdoors. The shoes are great for school and the boots are just right for the park or countryside.

They pull on easily, are made from tough but flexible leather, are re-inforced internally for strength and support, and have durable rubber edges and soles for water resistance. The wool-lined winter boots have removable soft inner soles.

Kavat Kids' Shoes is the only shoe factory left in Sweden. However, the distinctive style and manufacturing quality have led to the shoes often being handed down to brothers and sisters several times before eventually wearing out. Kavat Kids' Shoes is committed to using high-quality environmentally-friendly materials and processes.

Cherry Heaven TV has made a short on-line photo book featuring these popular shoes: click the Cherry Heaven TV player.


Kavat Kids' Shoes And Boots: International Sizes.

Cherry Heaven has chosen two styles for girls and boys around two to three years. Equivalent sizes are approximate, so it's better to buy shoes to grow into rather than shoes exactly the right size, especially as, between the ages of one and three, children's feet can grown up to 1.5mm a month.

kavat eu size uk size internal length in cm
19 3 12.10
20 4 12.80
21 13.50
22 14.20
23 6 14.80
24 7 15.40
25 16.10
26 16.80
27 17.50
28 10 18.20

It's important to choose the right size: put on the shoe, stand the child up, make sure the foot is flat, and check that the toes aren't curled. And don't put you finger in the back of the shoe. Remember that your child's feet can grow quickly and erratically so check often that the shoes are still comfortable: on both feet.


Kavat Kids' Shoes And Boots.

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Kavat Shoe White Kavat Shoe White.

Kavat Shoe Red Kavat Shoe Red.

Kavat Shoe Black Kavat Shoe Black.

Kavat Shoe Pink Kavat Shoe Pink.

Kavat Boot Black Kavat Boot Black.

Kavat Boot Cerise Kavat Boot Cerise.

Kavat Boot Ivory Kavat Boot Ivory.


Kavat Kids' Shoes And Boots.

Although many modern shoes are machine washable at a low temperature, I suggest that you hand wash them using mild detergent and cold water. Dry them naturally, not in a tumble drier or on a hot radiator. If the soles wear smooth, rub them with sandpaper or a suede brush to regain some texture.


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