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Klik Radio-Controlled Clock
Klik Radio-Controlled Clock

The Clik Radio-Controlled Clock is always accurate. It picks up the 60kHz radio transmission from the VT National Physical Laboratory atomic clock at Anthorn. The NPL clock is correct to about one second in three million years.

The Clik Radio-Controlled Clock is 200mm in diameter, with a white case, black numbers, black hour and minute hands, and a red second hand. It's designed to hang on a screw or nail on a vertical surface.

It comes with an AA battery which should last for at least a year. To maximise the battery life, the receiver is only turned on briefly every two hours, to synchronise the time or adjust to summer or winter time. The clocks won't work in a metal clad building, close to electronic equipment, or outside the UK.


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The National Physical Laboratory atomic clock uses the Caesium atom to provide a time standard. One second is defined as the duration of 9 192 631 770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the Caesium 123 atom.

The MSF 60kHz radio signal is transmitted under licence by VT Communications from Anthorn in Cumbria. The standards and maintenance are carried out by the NPL. The standard time and frequency service is funded by the DTI.

An accurate time signal is important for telecommunications, time-stamping financial transactions, synchronising servers, transport monitoring systems, observatories, and satellite navigation systems.

The accuracy of the signal is unaffected by weather conditions, althrough brief interruptions can be caused by lightning or servicing. You can check for service disruption by calling 020 8943 6493.

The radio service is free, unlike that of the BT Speaking Clock phone service. However, it does mean that your clock is adjusted automatically to keep accurate time. If you like to keep your clock for example, 10 minutes fast, you need the standard electronic version which you set yourself.