Cherry Heaven
By-Pass Secateurs

Cherry Heaven Secateurs are ideal for cutting stems and pruning shrubs, bushes, and small trees. The anvil-action carbon-steel blade is teflon-coated for easy cutting and the handles have comfortable non-slip grips. They're 217mm long, have an adjustable pivot screw, and a safety catch.

It's important to keep plants in good condition through regular pruning to improve their shape, and encourage new flowers and fruits.


By-Pass Secateurs.

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By-Pass Secateurs By-Pass Secateurs.


Although secateurs will cut flowers and twigs easily, they're not designed to cut wire. They need cleaning and oiling occasionally. All secateurs deteriorate if left out in the rain.

Most people will tell you that their secateurs got lost, were lent and not returned, or were found corroded in the garden hut. It's probably better to buy a good quality medium price pair that you can replace than to buy the most expensive pair and never get the long use you expected.


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