Cherry Heaven
shoes and boots for babies and kids
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Cherry Heaven Kids' Clothes And Shoes.

Cherry Heaven sells smart shoes and boots for babies, and boys and girls up to four years. Ready-to-party fabulous designs and classic cuts, with perfect details, carefully made from premier materials.

The current selection includes the Swedish Kavat, Canadian Robeez, and English StarChild shoes and boots ranges for babies and toddlers. To learn more, use the appropriate link below the menu bar.

There aren't any fluffy pink bunny slippers, Thomas the Tank Engine baseball caps, Spiderman pyjamas, fly-faster jeans, little kitty t-shirts, or elf outfits. Just timeless style for your baby or toddler.


Cherry Heaven On-Line Shopping.

Before ordering shoes on line, please call or mail to make sure that we have correct size, pattern, and colour in stock.

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