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Britsh Teapot
Britsh Teapot

The Cherry Heaven traditional British teapot is a one litre four-cup design in a soft ivory colour, with a non-drip spout, a comfortable handle, and a stay-on lid. It measures 217mm, spout to handle, x 144mm high.


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Zoom: British Teapot.

Zoom: British Teapot.


Every country has its own way of making some sort of tea. Although British tea is easy to make, it rarely tastes good outside the UK: it's usually made with warm water, powdery tea, and thin milk, served in thick cups, and hasn't stood long enough for the full flavour to be released. So, here's how we make Britsh tea at home:

Put fresh water in the kettle. Just before boiling, pour a cup-full into the empty teapot and swish it round to warm the pot. Empty it out and add a spoonful of tea per person or three teabags for a four-cup teapot. With good tea, one for the pot isn't necessary unless you like it very strong.

Pour in freshly boiled water, stir it round a few times and then let it think for a minute or two. Stir it again a few times, and it's ready to pour. If you've made a whole pot for yourself, take the bags out now so it doesn't get too strong.

Tea tastes better from a thin china cup. Pour the tea, add a little milk and sugar if needed, relax, and enjoy it. As the amount of milk is a matter of taste, don't put milk in the cups before pouring. When the tea has been used, it's better to make a fresh pot rather than just pour more water onto the old teabags.

Unlike coffee, tea should be made with fresh boiling water: so don't just pour hot water onto a teabag floating in cold milk in a cold cup.

We usually use Yorkshire Gold teabags for hard water, as we live in a hilly area. And fresh whole milk, sometimes called blue-top. Low-fat milk and skimmed milk don't do much for tea, or anything else, and just taste like diluted milk. Brown or coloured sugar spoils the taste.

If you're staying in a B+B or small hotel, take your own teabags and buy some milk on the way. The teabags have often gone stale and the milk is usually long-life skimmed in plastic pots. Also, most B+Bs just provide cups, not a teapot. If I had to choose an instant coffee it would be Alta Rica.

As part of a low-waste recycling-aware society, put your used teabags with the garden compost instead of adding them to the household rubbish collection.