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Dogs need excercise. A thrower lets them run, find, fetch, and tug. The dog has a safe rubber ball to grip, and you have a strong looped rope to hold. It's easy to whirl round, and goes a long way.

Compared to a ball, it's safer for children to throw as their hand is away from the dog's teeth, and it's easier for older people to throw as it requires less effort. The looped rope is easier to snatch if the dog decides it wants to play and tease. You can see it in the grass, and it won't roll into the bushes or downhill.

There are two sizes: a 50mm diameter ball on a 400mm looped rope for small dogs, and a 60mm diameter ball on a 400mm looped rope for medium and large dogs. The ball is solid, and made from tough rubber, so it will last for years.

The rope is polyester, knotted inside the ball and sewn and bound to make the loop. The thrower comes in a range of colours, but we never know which we're going to get.


If you whirl the thrower at an angle, it may go up a tree, over the fence, or into the river: and rubber doesn't float. Whirl it vertically, like a windmill, so it goes in the intended direction.

The ball is solid, and made from tough rubber, so it won't damage your dog's teeth. However, if your dog tugs a lot, you have to be aware of any danger to it's mouth, teeth, and gums: as with any toy.

If your dog likes to run and find, but then loses interest, launch the thrower in the direction you're walking so you don't have to go and get it.

If you're elderley or disabled, tie the looped rope to some washing line so that you can retrieve the thrower if your dog doesn't.


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